The estate

History on your doorstep

Estate La Vidalle, built at the junction of two major ancient roads, has been occupied since Roman times, and was given its name in the Middle Ages.

Although the buildings have undergone many changes over the centuries, the oldest part still standing today dates back to the 17th century.

In the 19th century, the central part, the "château", was built following the advent of vine growing, which replaced cereal growing.

In 1874, Gabriel d'Andoque had the greenhouse built, which bears his initials.

Initially very prosperous, the estate, which was exclusively wine-growing, gradually fell into disuse at the end of the 20th century. The vines were uprooted, the buildings fell into disrepair and the entire estate was abandoned due to succession problems.

After more than 10 years, we managed to buy it in 2013, initially for equestrian purposes. Given the beauty of the site, we decided to make it a family project. Claude, the father, Nicole, the mother, Aurélia and Stéphanie, the daughters, and Alexandre, Aurélia's husband, threw themselves wholeheartedly into the adventure. After more than 2 years of paperwork, work began despite the death of the patriarch, and the stables opened in spring 2016. A year later, the first wing was converted into charming gites, and all the buildings were preserved. In 2021, the main body of the Château will also open its doors to our guests in the form of luxury suites. But given the extent of the buildings, there's still so much to do...

Services that reflect our image

We'll do everything we can to make you feel at home, only better!


Available in all bedrooms

Outdoor activities

Petanque, table tennis and children's outdoor games


Free and equipped with VAE recharging stations

Swimming Pool

Pets welcome

However, we would ask you to let us know in advance. Please note that there are other animals on the property (horses, cats, etc.).

Fun activities

Billiards, table football, library and indoor board games

Horses, horses, horses

When the estate was purchased, the primary aim was to build a rational stable that would allow top-level sport while promoting animal welfare. Today, the horses are the heart of the estate: in front of you, the paddocks for daily outings, the large arena or the riding arena for their daily work. At the back, the meadows for retirees and young people: like an intergenerational home, those who have finished their life as a sport horse rub shoulders with those who haven't started, teaching them the basics of a good education.

Feeling peckish?

We offer a buffet breakfast all year round, with mostly local or organic produce.

To satisfy your hunger, or for a meal on the go, we offer baskets for meals or aperitifs.

In partnership with regional producers, we offer wines (Domaine de Castelnau) and organic olives and olive oil.

Nature and Ecology

Very close to nature and all animals, we have always tried to preserve our environment.

The estate has been classified as an LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux - League for the Protection of Birds) refuge since our arrival. In the park, areas are left wild to accommodate the ever-growing wildlife: many birds and birds of prey, squirrels, hares, foxes and wild boar live nearby.

We use very few treatments on the estate, which is largely organic.

Water-saving measures have been introduced: water reducers and aerators, dual-control WCs, drip irrigation for planting.

Selective sorting is available in the communal areas, with special containers available to customers. Access to the composter is also possible.

A photovoltaic project is due to be implemented shortly, enabling us to significantly reduce our consumption.